Dear Family and Friends,
Hope you are well. Tom, Jessica and I remain happy in Shanghai. I can't believe this our 15th year here already. Tom is nearing 11 and remains active in science and engineering -- he certainly did not get that talent from me!
I am excited to let you know I have a new book coming out in December called "The War For China's Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order."
The War for China's Wallet
The War For China's Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order
This book covers more geopolitics than my previous two books and looks at how China is cementing its power through economic carrots/ initiatives like One Belt One Road and by punishing countries like Norway and companies like Lotte that do not follow its wants politically. The book looks at how China is dealing with Southeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula, the Middle East, and how the US needs to respond.
There is still a lot of money to be made from China's rise, but the profits come at a cost as governments and companies must adhere to the wants of China's government. These are turbulent times politically, and I wrote this book to help governments and companies understand how to navigate China's rising political ambitions. Many argue a war between the US and China is inevitable -- I disagree with this notion, but better understanding is key as are building economic ties.
Many of you have helped me so far with getting word out about this book, and I greatly appreciate it. Writing a book is not easy, but frankly writing one is only the first step of the process. Getting people actually to know about the book and read it might very well be even harder than the writing process.
If you could help in any of the following ways, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any consideration.
a) If you or a friend are looking for a keynote speech, consider me. If organizations buy 1000 copies of my book to pass out to attendees between December and March, I will waive my standard speaking rates at my speaker's bureau (my current rates run from $35,000-$55,000 USD for a speech + expenses in North America & about $30,000 USD within China). Buying my book in bulk is a huge savings and a great gift idea for clients. I personally am forfeiting a lot of money in order to get word about the book out there. I plan on raising speaking fees as well in 2018.
b) Book reviews and in-depth interviews in magazines, blogs, and newspapers are greatly appreciated like this book review in Forbes. If you or a friend have a blog, please let me know how I can cooperate with you.
c) If you do decide to buy the book, please try to pre-order it or order it in the first 2-4 weeks of its release. The more books that are ordered early the more momentum is built and bookstores and reviewers are more likely to give it good shelf space. There is a real snowball effect in book sales.
d) If you do read the book (libraries will stock the book), please consider posting a short review on Amazon. My publisher tells me that reviews on Amazon are hugely important. I found this to be the case for my previous two books as well.
Shaun Rein
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